Tonometer for Professional Quality Control and Development of Blood Gas Analysers

The TM 8000 is a thin film tonometer for gas equilibration of liquids to produce reference samples for quality control and development of blood gas analysers.

  • Fast equilibration. Waiting time for the laboratory staff is reduced to a minimum.
  • Highest comfort during sample feed and recovery since the sample container is directly accessible.
  • TM 8000 is a professional laboratory instrument designed for daily use over many years.
  • No regular service and maintenance necessary. Very low operating expenses.


Wide temperature range for precise temperature correction of blood gas parameters

In addition to the outstanding features of the TM8000, the new TM8000flex offers the possibility to equilibrate samples at a temperature range from 20.0°C to 39.9°C [68,0°F to 103,8°F].
This allows the temperature corrections implemented in many blood gas systems – which often show serious differences to the actual values – to be checked very easily. Device and application specific corrections and offsets can be determined and applied.
For the manufacturers of blood gas systems, the TM8000flex offers a simple possibility to determine exact temperature corrections instead of the frequently used calculation models.


High Performance - Gas Mixing System

Gas mixing system with high precision for quality control and development of gas sensors (O2, CO2, N2)

The „High Performance – Gas Mixing System“ (HP-GMS) is a laboratory instrument for high precision mixing of pure gases. The product is especially designed and suitable for the quality control, development and calibration of gas sensors (O2, CO2, N2) and for the supply of Film-Tonometers.

  • Comfortable digital  preselection of gas concentrations from 1.0% to 99.0%
  • More than 900 000 variations of gas concentrations are possible
  • Cost saving by using inexpensive pure gase instead of precision gas cylinders
  • Automatic compensation of primary and secondary pressure fluctuations and monitoring of pimary supply pressures
  • External control of gas supply for automatable processes in R&D
  • Professional laboratory instrument with high operating stability