We bring together a strong set of core competencies in a single organisation, to develop, manufacture and distribute high-quality IVD systems.

Engineering & system integration

Our strong mechanical, electronic and fluidic competencies support us in engineering and integrating high-precision robotic and pipetting modules into our systems. They are also fundamental for the design and development of cartridge systems for our IVD products.

Optical signal acquisition & processing

To develop our complex measurement systems, we combine a range of signal and image processing techniques and algorithms with analytical methods. Doing so means we can reliably evaluate biologically relevant analytes and cell functions.

Software & GUI

From electronics to end-users, combining our firmware and software competencies with UI/UX-focused development means we offer complete software solutions which are fully integrated into our products.

Life science & assay development

Our diverse natural science competencies covering cell biology, chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences ensure we are well-founded to develop world-class assays. We complement development with sound analytical methods and close collaboration with clinical experts.