Fully integrated system for mid-sized labs

Simplify your laboratory workflow with an integrated system for routine chemistry, ISE and immunoassay testing from a single sample. A complete solution with optimised application of state-of-the-art reagents, calibrators and controls on a single system.

Clinical chemistry

Direct ISE



Our fully integrated 3-in-1 system offers a compact and efficient solution for performing routine clinical chemistry, ISE and immunoassay testing on-site. It minimises manual sample handling steps to simplify laboratory workflows.


Developed and manufactured in Austria under EN ISO 13485 compliance. Our fully integrated system is supplied with high-quality RFID secured reagents to ensure increased security and traceability as well as reliable analytical accuracy and precision.


Designed to efficiently process routine and STAT samples while intelligently monitoring sample integrity and controlling reagent storage conditions. We ensure a seamless transition between clinical chemistry, ISE and immunoassay measurements.