HP-GMS – Detailed Informationen


With the HP-GMS any O2 – CO2 – N2 – gas concentration can be mixed. The desired gas concentrations [%] for O2 and CO2 can be set – the remaining part to 100% will be supplemented with N2 – for example for the preselction of 20% O2 and 5% CO2, 75% N2 will be added.

As primary gass supply inexpensive O2, CO2, N2 pure gases are required.
Any desired concentration of precision gas is available immediately after setting, no waiting time – easy and immediate use of any gas concentration needed – no costly precision gas cylinders for each individual gas concentration necessary.
The ingenious mixing concept together with the microcontroller-controlled timing compensates primary and secondary pressure fluctuations to ensure maximum precision and stabilty.
For automated processes the HP-GMS can be controlled via Serial interface.

Product – Highlights


Cost- and time saving

  • Operation with inexpensive pure gases (standard products)
  • No regular service and maintenance tasks required
  • Precision gas cylinders only required for quality assurance purposes
  • External control of HP-GMS via serial interface for automated processes
  • High reliable professional laboratory instrument

High comfort in operation and application

  • Simple digital selection of the rquired gas concentration
  • Fast change of the required gas concentration
  • Flexible mixing range from 1,0% to 99,0% for three gases
  • Mixing ratios adjustable in steps of 0,1%

Highest precision

  • Precision better than ± 0,1% (absolute)
  • Flow resistance (back pressure) compensated up to 200mBar
  • Monitoring of primary gas pressures
  • Durable mechanical inlet pressure regulators

Aspects for Research – Development-  Evaluation of Sensors

Determining the characteristics of gas sensors often requires many measurement series with various gas concentrations  and intervals.

With external control of the HP-GMS by a Lab-PC, expermental data can be determined and recorded automatically.
This enables to collect any measurement points and repetitions for the determination of sensor -stability, -reproducibility, -interferences with high quality.

The combination of the HP-GMS with the TM8000 Film-Tonometer offers the perfect prerequisite for determining the characteristics of sensors in liquid media (like whole blood, bovine, aqueous based solutions …)

The most common applications are the development and QC of Blood Gas Systems – with the TM8000flex Film-Tonometer the temperature influences of blood gas parameters also can be determined precisely.

Another application for this setup is the evaluation of cross sensitivities  and interferences of many other sensors – for example – evaluation of oxygen sensitivity of glucose sensors …

Technical Data


Power Supply: 230V AC 50Hz or 115V AC 60Hz
Power Consumption: 200VA, max.
Electrical Safety Class: I
Primary Gas Connectors: PUN 4 x 0,75
Secondary Gas Connector (outlet): Brass nipple 1,8mm od
Display: VFD Display 2 x 20 Characters
Warm-up time: 10 Minutes  (typically)
Serial Interface RS232 (RS232-USB Adapter – optional)
Primary-Gas Pressure: 4,0 ±0,25 bar, relativ
Sekundary Flow-Resistance: 200 mbar (relativ)
Sekundary Gas Flow: 80 ±5cc/min [Ncc/min]
O2-Setting Range: 1,0% – 99,0% (steps of 0,1% )
CO2-Setting Range: 1,0% – 99,0% (steps of 0,1%)
Precision: 0,1%, absolute
Ambient Conditions: 15°C – 30°C, Humidity 80% relative
Dimensions WxDxH: 350 x 340 x 190 mm
Weight: 12kg

HP-GMS – Product and Application Images

HP-GMS beside TM8000

Precision Gas Supply
Film Tonometer TM8000

HP-GMS Connectors

Rear View with
overview of
Primary Gas Supply