TM8000 – Detailed Information


The TM8000 Filmtonometer is a high precision device for equilibration of blood or aqueous solutions within a very short time.
High precision thermostatic—and rotation-speed control provide high stability and reproducibility.
The operation, cleaning and desinfection steps are very user friendly and safe.
The high sample volume of 8 ml allow a high number of analysis on the target instruments per run.
As a gas source precision gas cylinders can be connected — best performance will provide the MEON HPGMS High Precison Gas Mixing Unit.

Product – Features


Easy and Safe Operation

  • The glass sample container placed inside of the transparent wather bath ensures safe sample handling
  • For sample collection the lid of the container remains closed, no interruption of the gas supply necessary – only rotation must be stopped while drawing the sample
  • Easy removable sample container (glass-bulb) for cleaning and disinfection process

Fast and precise equilibration

  • The precise rotation control provides a maximum of contact-surface between sample and gas enviroment to ensure fastest equilibration for a minimum of operaters idle time
  • The inovative thermostatic circuit guarantees a high constant sample temperature for precise results

Quality Control Aspects

  • The most accurate quality control  for  Blood Gas Parameters (golden Standard) can be archieved with tonometered whole blood samples – no limitation like oxygen capacity of aqueous samples, sample contact with ambient air, handling errors …

Technial Specification


Operating voltage: 100-240V AC 50-60 Hz
Electrical power consumption: 200VA max
Electrical protection class: I
Temperature stability: 37,0°C ±0,1° [98,6°F ±0,1°]
Temperature setting-range: 34,0°C – 39,9°C [93,2°F – 103,8°F]
» Heat-up time: ≤ 20 minutes
Sample volume: 8ml, max
Equilibration time: 20 minutes, typicaly
Gas connection: Quickfit Connector, 4mm
Required gas-flow: 3,5 – 4,5 l/min [nl/min]
Ambient temperature: 15°C – 30°C [59°F – 86°F]
Dimension WxDxH: 330 x 410 x 270 mm
Weight: 16kg

TM8000 – Product Images

Front view

Temperature setting/display
Control elements
Water-bath with sample container


Water-bath with
sample container inside
Sample tube

Gas flow-meter

Gas-flow monitor
Fine-tune needle valve  (option)

Rear view

Power plug / main-switch
Gas connector (QuickFit)
Vent outlet
Type- / warning labels

TM8000 – Application Images

Blood Gas-Lab

Tonometer TM8000
Blood Gas Analyzer

Sample collection

Stop rotation
and prepare
sample collection

Draw sample

connect a capillary tube
on a syringe,
draw sample from sample tube
run sample with syringe


or unplug and use
the capillary for